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We help international travel agents, as well as travel advisors and consultants to offer their  guests the best possible travel experience in Granada and its surrounding area with bespoke, unique, exclusive cultural experiences that make them feel like VIP customers… and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers culture and heritage like no other, while being also safe, cheerful, welcoming and magical. It invites visitors to enjoy unique experiences and its gourmet cuisine, sunny skies and pleasant weather. 

Your customers will enjoy the cultural treasures of Granada by our side, as we host them on a wide range of experiences which include historical and cultural heritage, along with natural and rural sites in Granada.

Your customers will feel like a local in Granada, as they are put in contact with the local vibe: gourmet foods and handicrafts, with recommendations and arrangements to take part in events on Granada’s cultural agenda. They get to feel like part of the city for a few days.

Before they even arrive, we look into the travelers’ interests so we can design experiences in accordance with their tastes and make them feel unique. They will sense that they are living a luxury experience that they can later boast about and recommend.

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Our past guests back up our track record


With our certified quality, your customers are sure to be in good hands

Your clients are not just tourists, they are our guests. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, and the finest experience to the people you have entrusted us with.

Customer service forms part of our DNA, and we are endorsed by Tripadvisor’s Certificates of Excellence, including the Hall of Fame and Travelers’ Choice award, as well as the City of Granada’s Prestige Award for Tourism. 

Our commitment to the planet’s sustainability

We inspire others by trying to be an example and provide simple tips to practice sustainable travel. We comply with the specifications of international sustainability certifications and are audited for them every year, including those of the Biosphere and La Huella Verde. Further information about our commitment to the planet’s sustainability.
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We truly understand you

You give your customers the VIP treatment. You know they don’t want to feel like all the other tourists, and you want your at-destination providers to do the same for them.

You know your customers well, which is why you constantly work to offer a unique set of products that stands out and is adapted to meet their utmost expectations. Your offerings include a full range of authentic experiences, and you strive for greater customization while fleeing from the standard tourist fare.

You want your products to be tailor-made and inspire trust. You need suppliers with a proven track record and experience taking care of the finest details without having to micromanage it all yourself.

You realize that sustainability and responsible tourism are more than just passing fads. They are probably the only way to ensure our future. That is why you have taken the Sustainable Development Goals into account as part of your processes and mission. 

What we propose

Bespoke VIP experiences in Granada, immersive experiences, in contact with everything local, in compliance with the 4 S’s of tourism (Slow, Smart, Safe, Sustainable), with which you will increase your customers’ confidence in you, all without having to worry about the details yourself. 

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A few of our activities

Patio de los Arrayanes
Private tour of the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens

The perfect private tour to enjoy an amazing experience with a wealth of knowledge and history.

We will visit magical places inside the Alhambra, like the Patio de los Leones and the Patio de los Arrayanes, and we will follow in the footsteps of the sultans and kings who once dwelled within.


Vistas ruta Vínar-Alfacar
Alfacar, cultural trekking: Federico Garcia Lorca. The Spanish Civil War and the poet’s death

Travel to the places where García Lorca’s life came to an end. In the middle of the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Sierra de Huétor, we will talk about the causes and events leading to this universal poet’s death.

Iglesia Santa Ana
Essential Granada. An exclusive tour guide just for you


A journey through the history of Granada and its transformation from Islam to Christianity. Walking through the most important sights in Granada, we will discover a city as mythical as it is spectacular.

A private tour to follow in Federico García Lorca’s footsteps through Granada

We take a wonderful journey through time to learn about the poet and his life, discovering the Granada that Lorca lived in, an experience you will feel on this tour despite all the changes the city has undergone with the passage of time.


Catedral de Granada
Private tour inside Granada’s Cathedral and Royal Chapel

From a historical, political and architectural vantage point, we will learn about the symbolism of these historical places and the meaning behind the construction of such magnificent monuments in a city then forging a new identity.

Cultural trekking around the Generalife

On this exclusive private tour, you will get a close-up look at the system that supplies water to the Alhambra. The tour will take us on a stroll through the Generalife’s pasture area, over the imposing space of the Albercones and the Santa Elena Fortress.



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